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Laser IMG LSX-1002SRGB, schopný zobraziť úplnú grafiku

LSX-1002SRGB - Laser, schopný zobraziť úplnú grafiku. Výrobca: IMG
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Modern lighting technology from IMG STAGELINE provides you with almost unlimited inventive ways for making events a memorable experience. The show laser units which are able to display full graphics have especially been developed for professional applications at concerts or show performances as well as in discotheques. They can be controlled via DMX or ILDA allowing for an almost unparalleled creativity. Especially when combined with the software PANGOLIN-SET, it is possible to use 3D graphics, logos or more than 2,000 preprogrammed laser effects.
Show laser, able to display full graphics,
impresses with high-performance laser diodes and ILDA control.
  • 3 laser diodes red: red (200 mW), green (150 mW) and blue (500 mW)
  • Scanner speed: 20 kpps
  • Control via ILDA, DMX or sound
  • 80 graphics can be activated via DMX
  • Music-controlled via integrated microphone
  • Emergency stop jack for an external emergency stop switch
  • Control panel with dot matrix LCD for addressing and preadjustments
  • Power supply: ˜ 230 V/50 Hz/45 VA
  • Dimensions: 377 x 112 x 285 mm
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • ILDA connection cable available at option
  • Class 4 laser
Class 4 Lasers
The accessible laser radiation is very hazardous to the human eye and hazardous to the skin. Diffuse scattered radiation may also be hazardous. The laser beam may represent a fire and explosion hazard.
When using a class 4 laser, the operator has to appoint a laser safety officer in writing (BGV B2 = German Accident Prevention & Insurance Association regulation B2)! Laser safety officers must have the requisite qualifications!
An approval is required for class 4 lasers!
“Anyone looking for high-quality pictures or graphics and doesn want to manage without DMX control and great lighting effects should check out the LSX-1002RGB - a multi-purpose unit suitable for versatile applications.”

Laser diodes: RGB
Number of colours: RGB
Power rating (mW): 200/150/500
Wavelength (nm): 638/532/450
Laser class: 4
Motor: scanner
kpps: 20
Angle: ± 25°
Full graphics: yes
Geometrical patterns: 80
Graphics: yes
Animated graphics: yes
DMX: 19
ILDA: yes
Autom. show program/

stand-alone: 2
Music show programs: 2
Master/slave: yes
Zoom: yes
X/Y reflection: yes
Strobe: yes
Display: LED
Lock: yes
Scanner adjustment: yes
Housing: metal
Suspension device: yes
Power supply: ˜ 230 V/50 Hz/45 VA
Dimensions: 337x112x285 mm
Weight: 6 kg
DMX in: yes
DMX out: yes
ILDA in: yes
ILDA out: yes
Remote/emergency off: yes


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